Iron Gates

by Christian , published on September 25, 2010

distance: 74.96km
duration: 8h 2min

I've gone through a beautiful hilly landscape today - but just like in Esztergom, where the Danube valley is equally outstanding, the weather didn't play along and the sight was limited to 3km.

As there was just thin strip of the road attached to walls of rock and only tiny villages in between i had set my goal to go as far as Donji Milanovac(Had i bought groceries early enough, i could have stopped much earlier at some very nice spots though).

In the end it was a very tough ride today with a blasting headwind which partially slowed me down below 10km/h and the rain in the late afternoon didn't help either.

I finally saw the first houses of the town when the sun had already set and it was dark when i arrived there. After buying food and water i was desperate to find a place to sleep - i ended up camping on a thin strip of grass in the backyard of a provincial hospital in the center of the town. I had asked in advance and luckily the doctor in charge had agreed. Nevertheless, when i was already cooking dinner, the police showed up and put a flashlight through my tent-window(As they didn't find the entrance).

Probably some neighbour had called them after seeing me taking my daily shower(It felt quite exhibitionistic, but my spot was well hidden and i didn't see anyone besides the doctors assistant - whom i had met earlier when i asked for permission - who was shortly peeking out of a window). The two policemen asked for my passport, scrutinized it, joked a bit in serbian, wished me a good night and left. Lucky me was born in a respected western country, otherwise i would have run into problems today i guess.