September 16, 2010 Baja, Bács-Kiskun, Hungary

Fajsz to Baja

by Christian , published on September 16, 2010

distance: 46.43km
duration: 6h 10min

Tomorrow on my 30th birthday i'll enter Serbia. All i know about this country is that its residents are agressive nationalists who have a bad taste in music and clothing and who prefer food with a low nutritious value(White bread, Cevapcici and such). In other words - i know nothing about Serbia and i'm looking forward to get my preconceptions proven wrong.

September 16, 2010 Foktő, Bács-Kiskun, Hungary

Back on the dike

by Christian , published on September 15, 2010

distance: 48.45km
duration: 6h 23min

The hungarian Puszta appears endless, cornfield after cornfield and little forgotten villages. The country is flat, nothing stands out for dozens of kilometers - and the horizon is far away.

Paprika grown on a field!
And then there's the danube dike - i've travelled a big part of the last 500km on it. It's inconceivable how much material has been piled up and how much work has been put into building this everlasting line all the way from Vienna down to southern Hungary, 5 meters high, 20m wide. I wonder who did this and when it was created - has it been built over centuries, higher and higher with every generation? Was it part of huge infrastructure projects during the economic thrive of the 50s and 60s? Or was it created by workslaves during the Third Reich?

What's hiding in the pipe?

Through the Hungarian Puszta

by Christian , published on September 14, 2010

distance: 94.24km
duration: 7h 51min