Down the dike

by Christian , published on September 05, 2010

distance: 58.56km
duration: 8h 12min

A conversation at the fountain(Main water source for the whole village):

Do you speak english?


Is this the only water source in this village?

Yes! It's the best water for drinking ... and cooking!

Oh... wow...

Where do you come from?

Austria, Vienna.

Where do you go?

India, New Dehli.

puzzled look(No further question or sound of astonishment though)

Do you have Internet?


Ah, then i have something for you...(I head to the bike to get him a business card, he follows me).

For Jay ;-)

I wonder if Austrian farmers are consciously cutting these down, as they naturally grow along farmland in Slovakia and Hungary, where the climate is not different. I've never seen hemp grow naturally in Austria.

Do you have work?

Hmm? In Vienna?


No, no, not anymore, i quit.

Was it not a good job?

No, it was a good job, but i wanted to do this travel since i'm a kid, so i stopped working.



Well, good bye, thank you!

Good bye, thanks too :-)