September 25, 2010 Kličevac, Branichevo, Serbia


by Christian , published on September 24, 2010

distance: 92.00km
duration: 9h 22min

Had my earliest start so far at 9:00(After getting up at 6:30).

Lots of interesting stuff to see on the way today - a steel mill, a marketplace where i ate a large "serbian" hamburger for 80c(Eurocent), a huge and mean looking thermal powerplant, a surface-coalmine and windsurfers on the Danube.

Also had my first encounters with kids who where asking me for money straight away - harmless so far but it made me realize how obviously wealthy and vulnerable i still appear.

Feeding the monster(The chimney is not the one from the steel mill above, but from a thermal power plant, which is the target of the transportation belt)

These guys surely had fun, me not so much with the very strong headwind

September 24, 2010 Grocka, Beograd, Serbia

Finally hills...

by Christian , published on September 23, 2010

distance: 55.37km
duration: 5h 45min

Steep hills right after Belgrade provided for a thirsty and sweaty cyclist - but after the endless plains of Hungary it's appreciated, the view is simply better when you are finally on top of one, after beeing overdosed on neurotransmitters.

Met polish cycle-travellers who where riding in the opposite direction after travelling through Ukraine, Rumania and Bulgaria, they discouraged spending too much time in Bulgaria(Dull, bad roads, apathic inhabitants) and encouraged going along the Danube in Serbia - since my couchsurfing-host in Belgrade recommended to go south of the Danube through a valley the mountains i'm still undecided, will consult my maps tomorrow.

September 22, 2010 Belgrade, Beograd, Serbia


by Christian , published on September 22, 2010

distance: 0.00km
duration: 0h 0min

One of the last remainders of the NATO bombings in 1999