December 26, 2009 Taroudannt, MA, Morocco

Tizi-n-Test, Taroudant, Sous Valley

by Christian , published on December 26, 2009

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Since i was not able to finish my travel- report of our Morocco-trip in the last few months i'll cut it short and just upload the photos and the GPS-data. Unfortunately for some reason the GPS-tracker failed on 25th and 26th and i only have saved an empty trackfile(Which i didn't realize back then).

On the 26th we went downhill from Tizi-n-Test and since i was still very weak we decided we have to give up our initial plan to cycle through the Anti-Atlas and instead to go to the coast to enjoy at least a few days of relaxed holiday at the beach(Well, it was not relaxing in the end). In Taro udant we met Racheev, a crazy and lonely belgique-marocaine houseowner who approached us at the only bar that serves beer in Taroudant, which was located in our hotel(Which translates to dozens of drunken marocaine alcoholics in the foyer!). Winter 2009/2010 brought record floodings to Morocco(The heaviest rains in 20 years according to older people we had talked with) and the coastal road in the Sous Valley was closed for a few days, luckily it reopened when we left Taroudant the next day to go to Inezg ane.