September 09, 2010 Tahitófalu, Pest, Hungary

Esztergom to Budapest

by Christian , published on September 08, 2010

distance: 93.11km
duration: 9h 54min

I had met a couple from Belgium the day before and had dinner with them - it was good to have some company again after five solitary days! The next day we wanted to go together to Budapest but in the end we split, as they where faster than me as they travel light and i also stop a lot for photographing.

Later in the day on the Szentendre Island i closed in on a family from Canada who where going to Budapest. As our pace was the same i accompanied them till the Budapest outskirts, where we had a entertaining detour on the muddy cycle- and dirtpaths which lead into the city.

The hackerspace H.A.C.K. finally provided a warm welcome in Budapest.

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