Almost there!

by Christian , published on September 02, 2010

distance: 41.04km
duration: 4h 11min

There he is! The great adventurer - the glorious explorer of vast and unknown territories! Sitting in his expedition-grade tent in the Danube- floodplains between Orth and Hainburg, feeding on pasta, after having travelled wimpy 30km from his hometown. The goal of the day - reaching "somewhere after Bratislava" - not accomplished.

But the tour has just begun!

The fun begins right after Vienna. The cycleway was flooded knee-deep due to heavy rainfalls in the previous days.

Vienna-Bratislava - the most dull cyclepath in the world, 30km of straight road. But the wildlife is amazing, i've seen lots of insects, rabbits and a deer with huge antlers was crossing my path some 50m in front of me!