Some random rants and cheers:

by Christian , published on July 22, 2008

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Abandoned structures in Hackney/London(Probably gasometers)


My new, 7 week old mp3-player died yesterday. It won't turn on, black screen, nothing happens. This sucks, as long distance cycling can be monotonuos sometimes.
Hmm, its working again(Horray!), but i don't have trust in it anymore...

It's only the third day of my cycle trip and my back feels like someone strained steel wires all over it. Next time i'll take my personal massagist with me...
Maybe i should go to the sauna club with the neon advertisement in Hackney, the sign below the red light says they also offer massages!? Odd thing is, they are only open from 8pm to 5am.

I managed to drop the 77mm Lenscap of my Sigma 10-20 into the channel at canary wharf yesterday. Will have to get a new one today.
Fixed as i got a new one, from Nikon and its even better

It was friggin' cold 2 days ago, like november. Will get more socks and bought proper cycling shoes yesterday as i foolishly only took leather shoes and sportsandals with me(But there will 30 degrees on friday which is unusual for Britain i was told, i'm a lucky bastard).

I really regret that i didn't buy the Nikon 18-200 VR lens in vienna as it would be very usefull(The D40 Kit lens just isn't sufficient)
Fixed as i bought it here, first thing that was cheaper than at home(besides the vegetarian food they sell everywhere, but vienna offers no competition here)

Greenwich Park

London is a magical place, i could spend weeks strolling around, exploring the city. I love the vibrating life in between the decaying structures, the dirt, the chaos, the multiculture... I already spent two days, from 9-23 o'clock, cycling around, exploring, taking pictures fanatically.

English food is gorgeous, i especially like the indian and thai flavours. I tried Fish&Chips yesterday, the first few bites are quite good(Should be for 9£!) but then the fat is starting to make you feel sick. I'll stick to the colonial food for the rest of the journey.

London is a true bike city. It's pretty flat and the car traffic is quite defensive, they usually take care about cyclists. And everyone seems to have the same efficient(some might say 'badass') cycling style as me - highspeed driving through traffic jams, ignoring traffic lights if there's no good reason to, driving against one-way-roads seems to be standard here. And i've never seen so many beautiful, minimalistic single speed bikes.