November 30, 2010 Akçadağ, Malatya, Turkey

A last wall of mountains

by Christian , published on November 30, 2010

distance: 52.57km
duration: 7h 4min

The morning was very frosty as i had camped in a small, shadowy valley next to a river.

I had planned to fight today to reach Malatya, but with 90km to go and a mountain pass in between it was going to be though.

The last Gecidi for a while
After the mountain pass turned out to be two long ascends and still 40km to go in the late afternoon, i realized i would not make it to Malatya today and pitched my tent in an apricot orchard for a final night on the road.
I went through three big canyons near Malatya, the Euphrat is close