by Christian , published on November 29, 2010

distance: 70.86km
duration: 6h 15min

A wide plain surrounds Elbistan, an endless stretch of road through flat brown hills. Elbistan itself is a very busy, typical turkish town, consisting mostly of newly built concrete box-type buildings. The place is, as usual, drowning in traffic.

Nothing to see here, move on.


by Christian , published on November 28, 2010

distance: 34.18km
duration: 5h 7min

Had two tired, slow days after the long climbs in the mountains. Took a sideroad after Goksun and went through a sweet, silent valley today.

I didn't have a single puncture between Vienna and Mudurnu(Except for the ripped tyre close to Istanbul, but that doesn't count). But since then i have to regulary pump up the front tyre as it has a slow leak(Have checked and patched it two times already and pumping it up regularly is easier than patching) and also my back-wheel had a leak today. The reason for these sudden puncture-problems are thorns - when i check the tyres, dozens of tiny thorns are stuck in the rubber, some of them long enough to reach the tube and poke a hole. The plants who grow these thorns obviously didn't exist in the more northern/wetter regions, hence i didn't have these issues earlier.


by Christian , published on November 27, 2010

distance: 42.22km
duration: 4h 30min