November 26, 2010 Tufanbeyli, Adana, Turkey

Kaan Gecidi

by Christian , published on November 26, 2010

distance: 62.99km
duration: 6h 53min

Downhill, a slopy curve, a big patch of tar on top of the asphalt, wet from a short gush of rain, slippery like soap. A cyclist is approaching.

No cadir, but a heated room last night
Oh shit, shit, i won't manage this curve. Gotta break. Uhm, curb is getting closer. More break. Shit, there goes the front wheel. Hu? Why is the mirror flying by? I'm flying too now. Damn, there's barbed wire behind the embankment. Gotta reach my foot out to the fencepost, hope that stops me.

*Black nothingness for a fraction of a second*

Yes, that worked, the fence-post saved me. No, no barbed wire in my face. Puh!
Ouch, barbed wire in my leg. Ok, try to loosen your leg without ripping the pant. Yep, that worked, only a tiny hole. Nothing hurts. Hope the bike is fine too, let's see...

crawls up the embankment

Another though ascend - Kaan Gecidi
I somehow managed to get into my first accident today. My naked frontwheel, the slopy curve and the wet patch of tar where not exactly compatible and i went flying down the embankment. No serious damage, minimal cuts from the barbed wire in my leg, slightly dirty clothes(Would have landed in a puddle of muck if the fencepost hadn't been there). For some reason(i.e. I don't know where the force came from) the mounting of the GPS-logger broke(Irreparable, but the device still works) and my mirror(The second one!) is gone. After all, a useful reminder to take care, with minimal damage.

November 25, 2010 Develi, Kayseri, Turkey

Gezbeli Gecidi

by Christian , published on November 25, 2010

distance: 29.58km
duration: 4h 57min

It's fantastic how a small gesture can change your mood. It was hard getting up with ugly, windy weather outside of the tent. But i somehow managed to put down my camp and reluctantly started the day. Soon the road started to ascend sharply.

In a village i stopped at a farmhouse to sit down and eat some fruits for lunch. I was taking pictures of the hens when a woman walked by. She was very welcoming and quickly led me into the house, where her mother and father where just about to eat lunch. I ended up eating the majority of the delicious meal(Potatoes with onions and tomatoes, sweet, cooked figs with walnut, goat-cheese, pita- bread) and they encouraged me to empty the pots.

This invitation made my day - i was on the verge of getting into a negative mood, but when i left the warm house i was as happy as can be, i greeted the wind with a smile and mastered the highest pass of this journey(1990m) with newfound confidence.

In Hanyeri, the first village after the Gezbeli- pass, i asked for water and since it was getting dark, i also asked if i was allowed to put up my tent on a grassy patch in the village. But in Turkey, my minimalistic plans rarely come to frution. Kemal, 35 years old, village head, owner of 25 austrian cows, beemaster and district gendarm, invited me with a big, warm smile to his house. Sitting in the living-room, a big plate of cay, honey, tahin, olives, cheese and ekmek in front of me, i was introduced to his friends, who entered the room bit by bit.
Kemal, my host, first from left
It got late(Late by my standards, which is 9pm!) till i was able to leave for bed.