November 24, 2010 Develi, Kayseri, Turkey


by Christian , published on November 24, 2010

distance: 53.21km
duration: 6h 15min

Bleak landscape and cold, stiff wind today. The soil around here must not yield much, on big parts of the land abrased rocks are breaking the surface, looking similar to swedish skerries Found a near perfect place near a stream, only the heavy, cold wind forced me to stay inside the tent to wash off the sweat.

Develi Ovasi

by Christian , published on November 23, 2010

distance: 54.17km
duration: 5h 53min

Went through the very dry and very flat bed of a former lake, marked as Develi Ovasi on my map.

The temperature has dropped and when i woke up at midnight, the outer shell of my tent was covered with ice. Looks like winter is finally also arriving in Turkey.

Imagine such a huge beast hunting you, snarling and barking. Happened to me on several occations, but luckily they are pretty cowardly too.