November 22, 2010 Ürgüp, Nevşehir, Turkey

At the foot of Mount Erciyes

by Christian , published on November 22, 2010

distance: 56.33km
duration: 4h 45min

Hooray for modern science, hooray for antibiotics. I'm back on the road thanks to two tiny white pills i've swallowed, and after the other 4 that are still in the blister-pack i hope also the last adverse effects on my health and physical condition will be gone.

I'm still pondering whether to stay on the main, easy road to Malatya or go there on a rural, remote road through high mountains via the Gezbeli pass and Goksun.

November 21, 2010 Avanos, Nevşehir, Turkey

My Achilles' heel got hit

by Christian , published on November 21, 2010

distance: 28.17km
duration: 3h 11min

Spend the first two days in Goreme in bed, trying to cure my heavily hit respiratory system.

Yesterday i finally wanted to see if my condition had improved and i went for a stroll through the canyon - only to realize that my lung and nose where not too happy with the increased exertion. Back to bed and rest a fourth day - i started to take mild antibiotics today as i don't seem to improve just by inhaling camomile-steam, drinking and gargling sage-tea and eating fruits.

Don't worry though, i don't have fever and it's not actually severe, it's just a persistent and inconvenient respiratory infection, a chronic illness of mine.

My girlfriends friends complained that my photos are boring, as i'm not in them. Hope you are happy with this girls!
(It was very hot btw, don't tell me i should dress warmer when i'm ill)

November 17, 2010 Arapsun, Nevşehir, Turkey


by Christian , published on November 17, 2010

distance: 69.34km
duration: 7h 7min

Couldn't fall asleep till after midnight and woke up at sunrise, add a 70km leg under hot sun in arid environment and you have optimal conditions to not improve a curbed immune-system.

long walk home
But found a nice quiet and cheap pension in the center of Goreme