November 15, 2010 Merkez, Kırşehir, Turkey


by Christian , published on November 15, 2010

distance: 59.46km
duration: 5h 28min

Went through agrarian landscape mostly, not much interesting to see and accordingly little interest in picturing it. Kirsehir was a lot bigger and busier than i had imagined judged from its size on the map, still found a good campspot close to it, which was lucky, as i felt miserable in the evening due to a blocked nose that had developed into a very sore throat and eventually to a cold with stiff, aching joints and general flaccidity.

Enjoying a colorful autumn

November 14, 2010 Çelebi, Kırıkkale, Turkey


by Christian , published on November 14, 2010

distance: 53.54km
duration: 5h 30min

The pide master at work, preparing tons of pide for the upcoming Bayram
Merap invited me to his humble farmer's lunch while his father was continuing ploughing the field - durum with eggs and white bread with homemade cheese - and one of the best cay i had so far, boiled on a small wodden fire
I just wanted a nice wide-angle photo of Kaman's busy main square - but the paranoid policemen thought i picture their car(Which is cropped out anyway) - after i showed them what i had captured it was "Yok problem" though :-)

Thoughts on going home

by Christian , published on November 13, 2010

distance: 59.86km
duration: 6h 0min

To avoid a bigger disappointment and hard feelings later: I know since quite a while, since things started to get less smooth in the last days in Romania, that the chances that i'll really go as far as India are very slim. It was not a good idea to announce a factual destination, as it caused unnecessary pressure(That's why i rarely announce future plans). For now, i'm continuing to go east, with an open end.

I've been very lucky finding great campsites in the last days
These boys had followed me a half kilometer just for smalltalk
Yet another superb spot