October 11, 2010 Zvezdets, Burgas, Bulgaria

Welcome in Turkey!

by Christian , published on October 11, 2010

distance: 97.22km
duration: 9h 39min

There's a range of mountains at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, a 80km climb and a full day of hard cycling, starting right after Burgas. I was counting the hours till sunset throughout the day and pressured myself to climb fast enough, but when i finally finished the border control(Incl. getting a visa) and entered Turkey it was dark.

Burgas from the south

The turkish part of the road was perfect, but it also gave me a hard time finding water and a place to pitch my tent. After 12km i was fed up of going up and down the hilly road in the dark and cold night and went to the first village, Derekoy, to ask for water.

I was told to sit down, drink a cay and wait a few minutes. A woman brought a tablet full of homemade food and after i had finished i got invited to sleep in the villages mayors office - turkish hospitality in the very first village after the border - a superb start in a new country i'd say :-)