by Christian , published on September 28, 2010

distance: 38.14km
duration: 5h 27min

Bye bye magical valley - i'll never forget you!

These young ladies where very eager to give me their adresses so they would receive postcards from exotic places

Aquiring water for cooking and showering at the village well - a futile task for this evening.

There are no supermarkets around here - in the bigger villages they have "Magazines Mixt", but i didn't get through big villages. There's also no running water, the villagers get their "Apa"(Water) from wells. Eventually i asked a guy with a bicycle where i would find some apa for my Dromedary Bag and he guided me to a nice family who where happily helping me out. In the meanwhile the guy i had asked was talking on his phone and i overheard "bicicleta" and "austria". I later realized he had called the neighbouring village, where he was from, to tell them about my arrival.

The guy i asked for "Apa"

Since we where going the same direction, i joined up with the bicycle guy and when we arrived in Petra, a couple of men where already waiting and asked me to stay for a coffee. In the end, as it was already getting dark, they persuaded me to sleep over in Petra. I was given food, hot water to wash and a room and bed for myself and overall, kindest hospitality

My host Daniel working for the romanian police

The Magic Valley

by Christian , published on September 27, 2010

distance: 31.57km
duration: 8h 0min

Suburbia looks nicer in the morning...

I realized i wouldn't make it out of Turnu Severin before dusk, so i bought groceries and started to look for a quiet, secluded place in the suburbs. A heavy hailstorm went down shortly before the sun disappeared(You can see it approaching in one of the last pictures of the previous logentry) but i had reacted quickly and put on my rain gear so i actually enjoyed the feel of the pressure of the falling water and ice on my back. I ended up in a run down and demolished industrial quarter of Severin. A pack of street dogs had found their home in the concrete rubble and they where howling and barking at me when i arrived. A few stones as a warning signal made them leave me alone in the end.

I was close to taking this little guy with me, but reconsidered :-)

At a supermarket i chatted with a security guide who had worked as a cleaner in Vienna. He told me originally he had studied geography and worked as a teacher - but financially he was better of with the EUR 200.- that he was paid for guarding the parking lot of the supermarket than as a teacher - go figure!

This guy spend me a beer in Izvoru Anestilor

Leaving the main street at Bistrita opened a gate to a magical place - smooth brown-yellow hills, tiny rural villages with hens, turkey and goose crossing the streets, horse-carts driven by old men and women, gravel roads, oak forests with huge trees, horses and cows grazing in mellow valleys. Quietness.

The magic valley at night(Half moon just rose behind the hills)